Investment Strategy

Our goal is to buy good companies and make them engines and platforms for growth.

To achieve this, we provide the following help and services to our portfolio companies:

  1. Developing the new strategy. Early on during our ownership, we take a very active role in driving the development of the company's growth strategy. This we do jointly with the management team, combining their market and industry know-how with our experience in building growth stories.
  2. Developing the management team. We invite all members of the management to ride along the jointly identified growth path with us. We implement a systematic management evaluation system, identify development and training needs and provide continuous learning opportunities. Throughout our ownership, we have a strong bias towards promoting internal talent but we do recruit new management team members as needed.
  3. Setting ambitious targets. We pride ourselves on being highly ambitious and expect our portfolio company management to be the same. At the same time, once goals are met, we make sure to reciprocate.
  4. Removing inefficiencies. We launch projects and establish a project management office to oversee them. The projects aim at eliminating the inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the company’s value creation and supporting processes.
  5. Streamlining operations. We believe that well-thought through and efficient processes are preconditions for fast growth and that, while IT is not a solution in itself, good IT is essential to have good processes. From the beginning of our ownership, we ask the company's management team to focus on processes and procedures to eliminate waste and redundancies.
  6. Arranging bank financing. Through our current portfolio companies, we have experience with obtaining and using bank financing for entrepreneurships in the Central European region. The increase of leverage is beneficial for the financing of add-on acquisitions and thus, for achieving a level-shift in the size of our portfolio companies.
  7. Identifying suitable acquisition targets. Our investment team has considerable experience in finding acquisition targets and conducting a reliable outside-in assessment. We involve the company's management team in the decision-making process.
  8. Executing the acquisition process. Most low-to-mid-cap companies have no experience in completing acquisitions. We therefore, assist them in this area.