Investment Process

We have a fast and flexible investment process which typically requires 12-20 weeks. Investment decisions are taken internally by the Investment Committee and then referred to the board of the fund.

The investment process starts with an opportunity review during which we ensure that the target company meets the basic investment criteria along which we invest. The next step of the investment screening process is the strategic and internal due diligence. During this stage we have two objectives: i) design a business plan with the help of the owners/managers of the firm; ii) evaluate the attractiveness of the investment opportunity.

Once the Investment Committee has given the investment team the green light to proceed with the opportunity, we negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the seller(s) which describes the most important terms and conditions of a potential future transaction. Once this MoU is accepted by both sides, we start a full due diligence of the firm, involving a strategic, legal, financial, tax and technical review. Parallel with the full due diligence, we start finalizing the text of the final agreement between the seller and the fund. We usually take on some leverage to complete the acquisition and the loan application and approval processes start in earnest and get completed at this stage.

Once these three work-streams are successfully completed, we quickly wrap up the decision-making process.

Our investment process ensures that the target company's management team can carry on with its day-to-day work with minimal disruption to the company's operations during the due diligence phase. We are also flexible in structuring transactions in order to accommodate the special needs of the founders/owners/management.