Oriens is an independent, privately-owned financial boutique focusing on private equity investments in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.


Oriens was established in 2007 by Krisztián Orbán, Péter Holtzer and Ambassador George Herbert Walker III. The founders' goal was to create a company with the highest professional and ethical standards that exploits the growth opportunities of Central Europe. Believing that the region is under-researched and misunderstood by most investors, the founders set out to capitalize on their investment and M&A experiences and on thorough approach to macroeconomic and industry research.

Starting with a team of four, Oriens has grown into a firm of almost a dozen investment professionals. Throughout this process, we had the privilege to rely on the wisdom of the president of our advisory board, the late John C. Whitehead.

In 2010, Oriens launched its Fund I, the Danube Sicar, a private equity fund providing growth capital to Central European small-cap enterprises. The Danube Sicar has completed four investments in the lower mid-cap segment between 2010 and 2015. Building on the success of Fund I, a second fund (named Oriens II) is being raised with a similar focus.

Oriens has a strategic alliance with Concorde MB Partners, a leading M&A boutique. For further information, visit http://cmbp.hu